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I thought I’d round up my favorite foundation and do an in-depth review.  The Holy Grail foundation is Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation with SPF 15. For my skin tone, I purchased the Deep Bronze.

First just know that this product worth the money! The Perfecting Liquid Foundation is one of the main reasons I decided to go with the Arbonne brand for my makeup. The most important reason however is that with Arbonne:

“It’s not just what we put in our products that makes them superior. It’s what we choose to formulate without. We integrate the most beneficial botanical ingredients from nature with the principles of green chemistry — we craft products with integrity, expertise and innovation. And we do it responsibly, taking care of our earth at the same time.”

Now the foundation formula is so light, it doesn’t feel thick are cakey on your face, it feel like you are wearing nothing! Can’t believe it? Seriously TRY IT!  Yet at the same time the foundation provides an amazing coverage, and giving one the appearance of flawless skin! Even when I was squeezing it out of the tube I was so surprised at its texture. It has a beautiful velvety texture and glided onto my skin easily and beautifully. I only needed a little bit for great coverage and it covered all my blemishes and bumps.

What does Arbonne says about its foundation:

“Arbonne’s Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF 15 is the ultimate in liquid foundation technology with polypeptides, gliding seamlessly onto the skin creating an even smooth tone. The Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF 15 with light reflecting properties is delivered effortlessly through the airless pump, resulting in a flawless finish, whilst maintaining moisture levels for a smooth and healthy skin tone. The exclusive Optilight Technology helps ensure that the product is non-comodogenic, enhancing breathability and reducing the chance of pore clogging and skin issues.”

I used this foundation practically every day. Oh did I mention that it provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

The Essentials: Price: $55 retail price.

Finally, I am pleased to have found this fantastic foundation from Arbonne and can’t wait to use it on my clients as they book their makeup session. That’s all I’ve got to review today. Until Next Time loves! ♡xoxo.
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